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Striving for Justice

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Mark Cuban has not forgotten the agency he defeated in court. He has embarked on a plan to post Securities and Exchange Commission trial transcripts on his blog. SEC lawyers make mistakes just as everyone else does, so this project will undoubtedly bring some embarrassing moments to light and laughter. The first episode of candid courtroom commenced on a more serious note. Federal district court judge William S. Duffey, Jr. chides the SEC for "looking at a case late and finding an issue and evidence that they want to admit and trying to find a rationalization for it." As the judge explains, the SEC's objective should be for "a just result and not just for a result." The judge may have put his finger on the hardest part of an SEC enforcement attorney's job. There is an understandable thrill in making a wrongdoer pay for violating the law. Carrying out investigative and trial responsibilities in order simply to achieve a just result is much less satisfying. Justice may demand that a case get dropped or that a particular tactic for securing victory be avoided. The SEC and other government agencies must do their part by rewarding good lawyering even if it does not result in a checkmark in the government's win column.

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