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Easy Guide to Intrastate Crowdfunding Through the Invest Georgia Exemption

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I am happy to announce that my new book, "Easy Guide to Intrastate Crowdfunding Through the Invest Georgia Exemption" is now available for free downloading from Sterling Funder.

With the recent surge in use of crowdfunding by entrepreneurs and small businesses to raise capital, the book seeks to clarify the ways in which crowdfunding can be used as an investment tool, and to provide practice steps for a certain type of crowdfunding that is now possible for small businesses located in Georgia and for investors who are Georgia residents.

The book takes an in-depth look at the basics of crowdfunding, including how it relates to securities law, private offering exemptions, the JOBS Act and the Invest Georgia Exemption. In the book I offer some thoughts for entrepreneurs and small business owners on preparing and managing their offerings in a transparent and professional manner in order to increase their own chances of success but also to help ensure the success of crowdfunding for all users.

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