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RICO jury verdict on fraudulent asbestos claims

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"A West Virginia jury found two members of a Pittsburgh law firm liable of civil racketeering for conspiring with a radiologist to fabricate evidence in asbestos lawsuits against railroad operator CSX." [Fisher @ Forbes; earlier on POL]

The verdict of $429,000, subject to possible trebling and attorneys' fees, is, of course, just a drop in the bucket of asbestos fraud, which has essentially gone unprosecuted criminally as it has sapped billions of dollars belonging to actual asbestos victims and to productive sectors of society. Congratulations to POL reader Marc Williams for his role in the victory. Lester Brickman, of course, has written widely on the problem of mass tort screening fraud.

More could be done to protect the innocent if Congress passed asbestos trust reform requiring more transparency in the notoriously corrupt process.

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