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Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster

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The coupon settlement in Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster was so appalling that even the Denver Post thought I should get involved; I received over a dozen inquiries from class members. But it was a pre-CAFA case in California state court, and the odds of creating relevant precedent, given the tiny number of pre-CAFA cases pending in California state court, were low. As a matter of triage, the Center for Class Action Fairness did not get involved. Eighty class members did object, however, and I'm pleased to see that the trial court did its job and saw through the settlement (h/t M.L.), rejecting both it and what would have been a $16.5 million windfall for the attorneys, over twice their lodestar.

1 Comment

The court should not just throw out the settlement, but require that a proper settlement distribute serious money to the victims of Ticketmaster's cold-blooded frauds. I detest the misuse of the class action system, to cheat the victims a 2nd time while enriching the lawyers. "Coupon settlements" and other ripoffs are also bad because of their long term effect: they encourage companies to engage in crooked behavior by showing that the ill-gotten gains far outweigh the potential cost.

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