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"The terrorists' veto"

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In City Journal, Michael Totten warns of allowing terrorists to veto free speech—something that law professor Eric Posner is surprisingly willing to allow happen.

1 Comment

I am not sure we need to explain anything to a demonstrator in Cairo, or anywhere else, other than we cherish free speech even if it is personally repugnant to us. The expediency of "governmental interests" and "international relations and harmony" not to mention "protection of the public" will also auger toward curtailing critical speech. We have a long history of if starting with the Alien and Sedition Act in 1798, and further renditions of it during the Civil War and WW I. Powerful government officials never enjoy a critical look at whatever policy they have decided to pursue. So let's just go with free speech like the constitution mandates.

Need we even talk about government establishment of a religion (or incorporation of religious blasphemy laws into the US code)? I think not.

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