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9/11 Victim Compensation Fund becoming a slush fund


I long ago predicted that the expansion of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund would lead to fraud and giveaways at the expense of taxpayers, and, unfortunately, I'm being proven right. Despite the complete lack of scientific evidence that the WTC site dust causes cancer, NIOSH director is letting politics trump science and opening the fund to claims from 50 different types of cancer. Oddly, the same Lancet studies that earlier showed no statistically significant evidence (no non-smoking firefighters have come down with lung cancer out of the 9000 firefighters who worked at Ground Zero) are being used to justify this raid on the federal fisc. The New York Times highlights the case of Ernest K. Matthews, who blames his lung cancer on cleaning Merrill Lynch elevators instead of on his smoking, and will be making a claim at taxpayers' expense. Similarly, Patricia Workman implausibly claims her 2001-03 exposure to Ground Zero caused her 2007 myeloma and skin cancer. The brief exposures of Ground Zero workers to common toxic substances are being used to rationalize the payments, though "Dr. Neugut, who is a principal investigator with the Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project, which was set up to look at environmental causes of breast cancer on Long Island, added that most studies of cancer risks 'are based on workers exposed for eight or nine hours a day to mammoth amounts of these things for 30 years. Even then it is hard to demonstrate a clear excess in cancer risk.'" This junk science should be a bigger scandal.


ok.....SLUSH FUND...???...lets get this straight...what you are saying here?... that the all the toxic building materials from the twin towers that were built in the 1970's the asbestos and other cancer causing materials were used could NOT cause illness...such as cancer....?....?

We all know as doctors have told us that everyone carries some type of cancer cells in our bodies...there are certain chemicals that can accelerate and activate their growth in anyone...it hard to say what level of exposure can bring about cancer.... for each person this maybe different...

BUT the chemicals from the WTC are and have been proven to be hazardous and can cause many types of illness...( case in point, lung scaring and damage from the dust and chemicals can lead to lung cancer... and some levels of hazardous carcinogens have been found some of the workers blood and lymphatic tissue...( ie., lymphoma and leukemia )

However what are we talking about here...?...I hope to think that a first responder or a rescue worker/ construction personnel working in the towers rubble and the exposed public in that area are what we are speaking of...we all worked first to save lives, and help with the clean up...Any and all involved should have their medical costs paid for and some compensation due...

Without these people their still might be a mound of rubble were the new towers now reside..., no one performed their duties with the thought of taking advantage of an unforeseen or future illness. And if someone is, then they should be prosecuted fully for fraud...

From my personal experience I am a cancer (Lymphoma) survivor from 911.... a retired detective from NYPD ( I retired NON-DISABILITY PENSION after 20 years of service)

I worked at the Fresh Kills land fill in Staten Island. This was already a condemned landfill for many reasons. I spent many hours there going through the rubble and remains from the WTC...not asking "why?"... just performing what a "good foot soldier" does..., to correct what happened on that terrible day we now call..."911"...

Do I think that every person and anyone should get compensation from the WTC tragedy?...No, but the people that are sick past and present through proof of exposure should be compensated...

Without this, the people in charge are permitting this horrible event constantly haunt us. Especially the brave people who,... some cases gave their lives in serving the public.....in deed they all are "good foot soldiers"....in my eyes, and I would serve and fight in the trenches with all of them... may they all live healthy and happy lives.... best regards to all of them....RV

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