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More on California overregulation

Professors Ribstein and Bainbridge follow up on our earlier post on California overregulation; Bainbridge also notes the adverse effects of the California use tax. Separately, Walter Olson, like Bainbridge, points to an Economist story how California law makes an artisanal yogurt business untenable.

Someone looking for a long list of California eccentricities that make creating jobs difficult could do worse than to read the free e-book by Seyfarth Shaw's David Kadue, 2011 Cal-Peculiarities, which covers novel "employees' rights" laws involving, inter alia, mandatory time off for "good deed" service such as firefighting, banning trousers in the workplace, lactation accommodation, whistleblowing, English-only workplace rules, and compensation due employees for time spent undergoing security checks. Not clear how much good these rights do employees if the cost of administering the laws prevents them from getting a job in the first place.

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