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Around the web, June 27

  • Some of the better Wal-Mart v. Dukes commentary and analysis—and don't miss my podcast. [Trask; Beck; Karlsgodt; Olson @ Cato; Olson @ Phil. Inquirer; Bloomberg; NYT; WSJ; Examiner; Bader; Omaha World-Herald; Entrepreneur; WLF; earlier; elsewhere on POL]

  • Best Buy employment-discrimination class-action settlement: $200,000 for plaintiffs, $10 million for lawyers. [Minn. Bus. J.]
  • The perils of vague criminal statutes. [Silverglate @ Reason]

  • More on Congressional hearing on FCPA. [Richer/Kendrick]

  • Louisiana narrowly rejects automobile forfeiture sanctions for littering. [OL]
  • Taiwan court imposes heavy damages on web reviewer who complained about salty food at restaurant. [MR]

  • DC-area Supreme Court roundups: WLF; Heritage
  • Corpus Christi Judge Longoria ignores Texas state law to impose felony conviction on mother who spanked her child. [Corner]

  • Not satisfied with ruining our toilets and light-bulb choices, environmentalists place New York Times story presaging campaign to save energy at the cost of it taking two minutes for our cable televisions to turn on. This seems awfully counterproductive: just as people now flush the toilet more often, people are going to respond to the inconvenience by keeping their televisions on all day. [NYT]

  • Our nation Depends on the TSA: Northwest Florida Regional Airport security officials keep us safe from 95-year-old invalid woman with leukemia by requiring her to remove her adult diaper. [NWF Daily News; CNN]

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