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The case of Dimitrios Biller

It's never been clear to me why Dimitrios Biller got any publicity in the last year; when plaintiffs' lawyer E. Todd Tracy succeeded in 2009 in getting sixteen Toyota defense verdicts and settlements reopened to review Biller's files, he ended up walking away saying there was no smoking gun. Nevertheless, throughout the sudden acceleration hysteria, the former Toyota in-house attorney has continued to get mainstream media coverage by propounding a conspiracy theory of coverups, even though he didn't work on sudden acceleration issues, and even as he has engaged in additional credibility-destroying actions such as firing his attorney and proceeding pro se in an arbitration to recover his severance for breach of contract. Biller has now lost that arbitration decisively, and is on the hook for $2.6 million of the $3.7 million severance. [Toyota and Bloomberg via ABA Journal]

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