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On Election Day, some politics

Control of the Michigan Supreme Court has swung back to the Republicans with the election of Judge Mary Beth Kelly and incumbent Justice Robert Young, who withstood ugly and dishonest personal attacks.

In Illinois, Justice Thomas Kilbride has exceeded the 60 percent margin to retain his seat on the Supreme Court. From The Chicago Tribune, "Supreme Court judge wins retention against business-backed push." Democratic Party, unions, trial lawyers far outspent business interests to keep justice on the court who helped overturn states' med-mal caps in Lebron v. Gottlieb Memorial Hospital.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has been elected Senator in Connecticut. Well, he'll probably do less damage to the business and legal climate with a single vote in the Senate than he did as AG.

Also in Connecticut, former state Democratic Party Chairman George Jepsen has declared victory in the race to replace Blumenthal as AG.

In New York, AG Andrew Cuomo is elected governor, declaring "The mandate tonight is to clean up Albany." The race to succeed him as attorney general is close.

UPDATE (2:30 a.m.): Schneiderman wins over Staten Island prosecutor Dan Donovan. Schneiderman campaigned in the Democratic primary as the most "progressive" candidate. Yeah ...

UPDATE (12:30 p.m. Wednesday): From Dan Pero at The American Courthouse:

In Iowa, in a push-back against judicial arrogance, voters dumped three sitting Supreme Court justices who were up for retention - the first time in history that any justice lost a retention election.  Voter outrage erupted when an activist court overstepped its authority by overturning the legislature's ban on gay marriage and forcing the state to grant marriage licenses to gay couples.

Pero, a critic of merit selection, wraps up the court races and concludes, "Elections a Big Victory for Judicial Accountability."

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