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Harriet Miers profile

Mickey Kaus, tongue-in-cheek, suggests a conspiracy is behind all the attention former Bush administration officials are getting shortly before the mid-term elections. If so, the Texas Lawyer puff piece on Harriet Miers is part of the conspiracy. The article, mostly about Miers's career and successful post-Bush-administration lobbying practice, engages in some historical revisionism regarding the unsuccessful Miers nomination (as Jan Crawford documented, Miers's inability to handle basic question on constitutional law was why the Bush administration pulled the plug). But Miers provides a quote that validates conservatives' concern about her acuity on the bench: "In an exclusive interview with Texas Lawyer, Miers instead turns the conversation away from herself to make an argument for more women judges. 'I don't think three is sufficient,' she says." Paging Heather Mac Donald.

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