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Around the web, August 20

  • More shenanigans in the Skilled Healthcare $671 million verdict: apparently one of the jurors is friends with one of the plaintiffs (the plaintiffs deny this). [Bloomberg]
  • Is Sholom Rubashkin's 27-year sentence just? [NLJ]
  • Et tu, Bobby Jindal? Louisiana governor retains Baron & Budd in BP litigation, which pretty much means that Louisiana taxpayer dollars will be funding Democratic candidates. [Fisher @ Forbes]
  • Second Circuit reaffirms Judge Weinstein's decision in the Egilman/Zyprexa protective-order end-around. [WLF]
  • Massachusetts federal district court rejects settlement involving entirely unrelated cy pres slush fund. [Class Action Defense]
  • Kansas federal district court rejects Costco fuel settlement providing $0 for the class and $10M for the attorneys, if not for that obvious reason. [CCAF]
  • The convoluted law of set-off in California. [Toxics Defense]

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