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Around the web, July 22

  • Fifth Circuit: Reasonable to dismiss individual Vioxx MDL cases where plaintiffs failed to produce supporting expert report. [Wajert]
  • Third Circuit tightens standard for class certification in settlement classes. (Congratulations to blogger Howard Bashman, who argued the appeal.) [Legal Intelligencer; Sullivan v. DB Investments]
  • Only eight out of 149 entry-level law-school tenure-track hires in 2005, 2007, and 2009 were identifiably conservative. Jim Lindgren comments @ Volokh. [NLJ; Spencer & Phillips @ SSRN]
  • No charges in politically-motivated investigation of politically-motivated firings of political appointee U.S. Attorneys. [AP/Fox]
  • Anonymous support for DISCLOSE Act, which will restrict anonymous speech. [Center for Competitive Politics via IJ]
  • Five myths about the death penalty. [WaPo]
  • Canada moves toward a free-market health-care model. [Gratzer]
  • The ultimate NHTSA defect safety complaint. [Fumento via Overlawyered]

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