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Around the web, July 7

  • Appalling scandal of DOJ Criminal overreach in the case of Sergio Masvidal. (I as yet take no position on Masvidal's lawsuit against American Express, though; he's appealing a district court's dismissal.) [Kirkendall; press release]

  • The McSweeney's piece about a young lawyer preventing a foreclosure through his willingness to sit on hold on the telephone for his client has gotten a lot of blogosphere attention, but I'm not sure I see the injustice about a family being forced to leave a home they knew they couldn't afford after lying about their income on the mortgage forms—or the justice of taxpayers subsidizing their staying there. Guess I'm a sucker for living within my means.
  • Vermont AG action gives clues how state AGs will enforce CPSIA. [WLF]
  • Update on H.R. 4678, the Foreign Manufacturers Legal Accountability Act. [Wajert; House hearing]
  • Kagan Vote Tracker. [SCOTUSreport]
  • Racial preferences law in California struck down. [PLF]



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