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The Kagan nomination, June 27

  • The Kagan hearings start tomorrow. George Will has some questions. [WaPo] So does the LA Times.
  • The military-at-Harvard issue will be big. [CSMonitor; NPR]
  • The last cases of the Supreme Court term will have some effect on the hearings. [FoxNews]
  • Dueling headlines: White House says it will get, but is pessimistic about, GOP votes. [Politico; BLT] A more interesting question is the vote of a swing-state Democrats like Blanche Lincoln.
  • Richard Epstein argues that the rebuttable presumption in favor of a presidential nomination means he supports Kagan. Wouldn't it be nice if Democrats reciprocated and a Republican president could nominate Epstein to the court? Sigh. [Daily Beast]
  • The Judge Aharon Barak issue goes mainstream. Sort of. [Politico; NYT whitewash]

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