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Around the web, June 26

  • D. Mass. certifies medical monitoring class action against Philip Morris. [Boston Globe; Boston Globe]
  • How much of that $20B BP fund will go to lawyers? [Schonbrun @ Wash. Times; see also WSJ, NYDN]
  • Souter still espousing a living constitution. [Baker @ Wash. Times]
  • The financial regulation reform bill will cost 1.3 million jobs. [American Action Forum]
  • Overcriminalization annals: the case of Cory King. [WLF]
  • Is the US going to sue Arizona? [Commentary]
  • EPA proposes to regulate milk spills as strictly as oil spills. [Tabarrok]
  • Budweiser tries to enforce its exclusive World Cup sponsorship rights by having South African police arrest Dutch fans who wore a beer-sponsored miniskirt. [NowPublic; charges dropped, Yahoo Sports]



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