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Around the web, June 19

  • "Personal Responsibility at the Founding" [City Journal]
  • Expose of Mohawk-style RICO class actions against employers for hiring illegal immigrants, and the potential adverse effect on jobs for American citizens. [Forbes]
  • Upcoming discussions in DC on role of Supreme Court: June 22, Rachel Brand v. Walter Dellinger; June 23, Jeremy Rabkin and Carrie Severino on role of international law in Supreme Court decisionmaking.
  • Obama coverup in New Black Panther Party case. For all the complaints about Bush administration politicization of the Civil Rights Division, one might expect some MSM attention to this. [Weekly Standard]
  • Ken Green on the BP $20 billion slush fund. [Forbes.com]
  • Schadenfreude dept.: John Edwards in exile. [Daily Beast]



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