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Around the web, June 3

  • Criticism of SG office brief in Chamber of Commerce v. Candelaria. [Baker @ Volokh]
  • Big-firm patent lawyer John Desmarais opens up shop to litigate on behalf of his own patent portfolio. [BusinessWeek]
  • Foreclosure lawyer makes $1500/client for six hours work delaying legitimate foreclosures for months. [OL]
  • Empirical study provides partial support for Sunstein/Winter theory that standing doctrine arose to "insulate" New Deal from challenge. [Ho & Ross @ Stanford L. Rev. via @walterolson]
  • When is e-discovery too much of a burden? Courts wildly disagree. [law.com]
  • Effect of civil rights law on firefighting testing. [Marginal Revolution]
  • Roger Clegg on "stereotype threat." [MTC]
  • Federal court shuts down spammer-ridden web company. [Oregon Business Report via @roncoleman]
  • Gloria Allred complains that porn star's reservation at Ritz-Carlton was canceled. No comment from Rand Paul about Title II implications. [TMZ]



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