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The Kagan nomination, May 27

  • This reflects disenchantment with Obama more than anything else, since I doubt more than a small fraction have an informed opinion about Supreme Court nominations, but Kagan's favorable-unfavorable ratings are 41-47 in a poll. That's not likely enough opposition to peel off the dozen or so Democratic senators that would be needed to vote down a Kagan nomination, given that she is likely to get a few Republican votes. [Rassmussen]
  • Paraphrasing Senator Specter: "Dear Elena Kagan, Please tell me how you will vote in a couple of pending Supreme Court cases." Really? [BLT]
  • The New York Times does a couple of biographical rifle-shots: Kagan's Harvard Law grades and Kagan's relationship as dean with the rest of Harvard.
  • Young Republican Sarah Isgur gets around to endorsing Kagan half-heartedly after the White House puts her on a conference call. [USA Today; WSJ Law Blog]

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