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Around the web, April 30

  • Obama: maybe liberal court activism wasn't figment of conservatives' imaginations [NYTimes]
  • "Judge Posner on conflicts of law, statutes of repose and limitations, and forum non conveniens" [Beck et al, Wajert; Taiwanese plaintiffs suing over blood products]
  • Maryland legislature raises minimum auto insurance rates, Baltimore Sun calls attention to trial bar's influence, blog polemics ensue [Andy Green, Jay Hancock, John Bratt (attorney deems Sun "local fishwrap"), Ronald Miller (questioning Hancock's "license ... to blog"), and more]
  • Higher rates of public sector unionization correlate with less efficient public management [Chris Edwards, Cato at Liberty]
  • Lawyers capture lion's share in settlement of harassment claims against Middlesex County, N.J. sheriff's department [NJLRA]
  • "Comparative Law - Various National Approaches to Personal Injury Compensation" [Hartley, Global Tort]



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