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See the fabulous sites of Hawaii from the air, take notes, sue

The American Association for Justice's "Litigation at Sunrise" sessions at the AAJ convention cited below end with a presentation, "Hawaiian Heli-Tour Industry: Under the Radar," by Kristine Meredith of the Danko Law Firm in San Mateo, Calif. Plaintiff." Meredith's areas of expertise with the firm, which bills itself as "Trial Lawyers for the Plaintiff," include aviation law.

In fact, at the firm's Aviation Law Monitor blog, Meredith posted a new entry Monday, "Crashes of Helicoptor Air Tours in Hawaii: On the Rise or Decline?" And last April, she asserted bloggingly, "Hawaiian Helicopter Tours: Profit Motive Still Trumps Safety."

Funny thing is, AAJ's convention brochure promotes helicopter tours of the island. From page 5:

Air Tours Hana/Haleakala Helicopter Adventure
Fly like a tropical bird above two of the most famous sites on Maui -- Hana and Haleakala Crater -- and everywhere in-between. Cruise over the alien vista of Haleakala, the "House of the Sun" and see the terrain change right before your eyes. From Haleakala, you'll follow the rugged shorelines of Northeast Maui to "Heavenly" Hana, home to over one hundred cascading waterfalls, rainforests and a dramatic coastline.

What must Hawaii convention officials think? Here's AAJ, a group that promotes the services of a local business -- helicopter tours -- as an attraction to get people to attend their convention. Yet AAJ sponsors a lawyer discussing litigation against the very same tour industry.

That's the way you pay back Hawaii's hospitality? "Fly like a tropical bird, and then sue!"

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