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Hanging out in Maui with the litigation industry

The American Association for Justice's winter convention begins this Saturday in Maui. As the convention brochure and the online schedule document, the list of legal targets is long, indeed.

We always like to check out the topics discussed at the "Litigation at Sunrise" session, because the presenters usually include the more entrepreneurial among the trial lawyers. So to speak. From the agenda:

  • Birth Defects Suffered by Children Whose Parents Are Exposed to Chemicals Used in "Clean Rooms" -- Frank Verderame, AZ
  • Denture Cream -- Andres F. Alonso, NY
  • Preemption in Generic Drug Cases Post-Levine -- Seth A. Katz, CO
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacist Liability and Other Resources from the AAJ Exchange -- E. Drew Britcher, NJ
  • Fleet -- M. Clay Martin, AL*
  • What Is a Qui Tam Case? How to Know It When You See It -- Jan Soifer, TX
  • Recent Trends in Federal Whistleblower Law -- Brian J. McCormick, Jr., PA
  • Pool Safety: Drain Entrapment -- Dennis M. Lynch, IL
  • How I Learned to Relax and Love Mediation -- Douglas K.W. Landau, VA
  • Zimmer Durom Cup -- Robert J. Binstock, TX
  • Hawaiian Heli-Tour Industry: "Under the Radar" -- Kristine K. Meredith, CA

There are so many ideas for litigation that each speaker is limited to 10 minutes. Otherwise, they couldn't squeeze in all the presentations by 8:30 a.m.

* Fleet refers to oral sodium phosphate products for bowel cleansing, one of the many specialties of Mr. Martin's firm in Huntsville, Ala. The convention schedule also lists an entire litigation group devoted to oral sodium phosphate products.

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