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Around the web, January 13

  • Feres, military contractors and battlefield liability: why not contractual waivers? [Stier, Mass Tort Lit]
  • "Blockbuster Punitive Damage Awards: California Leads The Way!" [Nye, Cal Biz Lit on Del Rossi/Viscusi SSRN paper, "The Changing Landscape of Blockbuster Punitive Damages Awards"; more on California damage awards from CJAC]
  • Off-label drug promotion: "High court urged to hear False Claims Act case" [LNL]
  • When contingent fee clients want to switch lawyers, don't play games with their files [Kennerly]
  • More on PCAOB separation of powers case [Hans Bader, Examiner, via Bainbridge]
  • Sorry, but implanted medical devices are neither immortal nor indestructible [Beck]



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