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Hiring the top lobbyist for trial lawyers

The international executive recruitment firm, Korn-Ferry, on Dec. 11 again posted the job opening for chief executive of the American Association for Justice. The position was originally posted on Oct. 29.

Jon Haber stepped down as CEO in early April. From his statement:

"We are a far stronger organization today than when I joined AAJ four years ago, working in a positive environment with a pro-civil justice President and Congress.

Because we are in such a strong position, I have decided this is the best time for me to step down to take on new challenges. The new pro-civil justice environment has put the organization in the strongest position it has been in a generation.

On Sept. 28, The Washington Times reported, "Trial lawyers lobby sinks $6.2M in debt." The eye-opening story included an account of how the association of trial lawyers botched a real estate deal

Well, you can see why the AAJ has since removed Haber's statement from its website. (We have it at Shopfloor.org.)

Former CEO Tom Henderson returned from retirement to head the organization after Haber left, in what was clearly an interim CEO position. You do not find his name in the news.

The Korn-Ferry posting does not list compensation for the next CEO. Haber's compensation package was about $600,000 in 2007, according to IRS filings.

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