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Marc Hodak on bank compensation curbs

The wrong solution to the wrong problem:

OK, incentives at banks have been deficient. I've seen them all: bonuses based on loan volume; banking fees based on a percentage of the debt issued; traders being richly rewarded for unsustainable performance shortly before getting fired....I'm just wondering who out there believes that it is worth having every major bank submit their incentive plans to prior judgment by federal officials. Especially when there is zero evidence that incentive plans actually contributed to the financial crisis, and plenty of evidence that the Fed did contribute to it.

Related: Crit-turned-fed-governor Daniel Tarullo is emerging as a major force for more heavy-handed bank regulation, per the WSJ. "Some Fed officials said privately Mr. Tarullo can have an overbearing skepticism of banks and supervisors. Some Fed staffers are so wary of being second-guessed they ask him to approve even mundane bank applications."



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