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Trial lawyer seminar: It's just like that series on Fox

No, not "Glee." "Lie to Me!"

The American Association for Justice has scheduled a seminar in November, "Reading Microexpressions of Emotion for Attorneys":

Microexpressions are facial expressions that last for only a fraction of a second. Everyone has microexpressions and they can't be faked. Microexpressions are involuntary, cross-cultural, and cross-gender. Through extensive scientific research, what is barely detectable to the eye can reveal someone's true emotions.  

The ability to read and use microexpressions is an important skill that will increase your effectiveness and success as a trial attorney. By understanding someone's true emotions--not their obvious facial expressions, but what they are concealing or repressing--you can make tactical decisions in working with jurors, clients, witnesses, experts, and more.

Reading Microexpressions of Emotion has never before been offered for attorneys. AAJ Education is holding this first-ever seminar for a limited number of AAJ plaintiff attorneys led by Dr. David Matsumoto.

According to the faculty bios, Matsumoto has worked for the Ekman Group. The Fox TV series, "Lie to Me," draws on the work of Paul Ekman for its dramatic conceit -- a team of crack criminologists solving crimes by reading microexpressions.

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