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Around the web, October 30

  • Salaried retirees got shaft, UAW retirees got comfy bailout in Obama GM/Delphi scheme [NYT] "Government Strongarm Tactics in the Chrysler Bankruptcy" [Coyote]
  • Talisman Energy ruling: "2nd Circuit Finds Aid Must Be 'Purposeful' for Alien Tort Statute Liability" [NYLJ] Could put crimp in ATS suits [Anderson, Volokh]
  • Make him spend it all: George Soros pledges $50 million donation to combat free-market economic thinking [Future of Capitalism] More: Anderson, Volokh.
  • "How Tort Reform Cut Florida Workers' Compensation Costs" [Helvacian/NCPA, Public Nuisance Wire]
  • New book: "Punitive Damages: Common Law and Civil Law Perspectives" [TortsProf]
  • Massachusetts judge rejects controversial Wal-Mart wage-hour class settlement [American Lawyer and earlier]



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