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Around the web, October 26

  • Unwanted visibility these days for hiring of Rendell contributor to file Pennsylvania drug suits [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  • Government ethics law very hard to mesh with bailouts, maybe we need to end the bailouts [Richard Painter, SSRN via Salmon]
  • How Obama administration policy on "international human rights" differs from predecessor's [Eric Posner]
  • "Tort Reform in the States" video w/Meese, McQuillen, Batchelder [Heritage]
  • "Don't use my name - other plaintiff's lawyers'd never forgive me for sending you tips!" [Beck & Herrmann]
  • Remembering the landmark 1974 class-action case of Eisen v. Carlisle & Jaquelin, and how it cut both ways [Karlsgodt]



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