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Around the web, July 16

  • Mississippi: "$23.5M med mal jury verdict in Shelby County" [Freeland]
  • SEIU intimidates broadcasters over anti-EFCA ads [Ivan Osorio at Open Market, Carter at ShopFloor, Patrick at Popehat]
  • "Obama comes from the law academia environment ... where that talk about 'empathy' is what you hear all the time. It's very normal, it's 'sophisticated'" [Ann Althouse via Taranto]
  • Asbestos two-step: "Calif. Supreme Court Declines to Review 'Judicially Sanctioned Extortion'" [NLJ, earlier here and here]
  • Everything you might want to know about off-label promotion pharmaceutical class actions [Beck & Herrmann first, second, third posts]
  • "Lawyer drops plea to halt manufacture of mini blinds" [Madison County Record]



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