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Around the web, July 8

  • Hmmm: "Classified American intelligence documents related to Saudi finances were leaked anonymously" to plaintiff lawyers suing the Saudis over 9/11, and thence to New York Times [NYT]
  • Were WVU occupational-disease researchers forthcoming about conflicts in toxic-solvents case? [Chamber-backed WV Record]
  • Topic of buzz among Ontario lawyers: "'Mary Carter'-type deal backfires on plaintiff" [Lawyers Weekly, Canada]
  • Wrist fracture in Washington, D.C. likely to be worth higher sum than in nearby Maryland or Virginia [Miller]
  • Nevada: "On home defect legislation, lobbyists went to the wire" [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Voice of moderation? Vice President Biden labels opponents "blackshirts" for disagreeing with him on labor law issues [Carter @ ShopFloor]



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