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EFCA: "I cannot support that bill"

  • In another damaging blow to the bill's prospects, Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas has become the first Democrat to come out against it [Arkansas Business]
  • More rumblings of half-a-loaf compromise: "The details aren't out, but BNA is saying that one of the compromises being floated would require the use of dual-purpose-like cards, offering the employee a choice of selecting the union or simply asking for an election. The cards could also be mailed in." [Jeff Hirsch, Workplace Prof Blog] Sen. Pryor (D-Ark.) talks of quickie-election compromise [The Hill; critique of quickie or snap elections from James Sherk and Ryan O'Donnell at Heritage]
  • Politico, which has a special section on the issue, has just finished up an online debate as well.
  • EFCA's "let's have government unilaterally impose contracts" half would seem rather to undercut its "workers really need union representation" half [Kaus; more on the imposed-arbitration provisions at ShopFloor and again]
  • St. Louis labor and employment lawyer George Lenard has been blogging EFCA and its predecessor measure for years; a good place to start is here.

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