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Around the web, April 28

  • Watch out Colorado, there's a push in the state legislature to expand employment-law damages [one-page summary, PDF, from Colorado Civil Justice League]
  • Showdown: can California cities and counties hire contingency-fee lawyers? [Genova, more, yet more]
  • Q&A about legal blogging with securities law expert Kevin LaCroix of D & O Diary [LexBlog]
  • Penn Journal of Constitutional Law has symposium on prison and corrections litigation with contribution from Sarah Vandenbraak Hart, well known advocate of prisoner-suit reform [Prawfsblawg]
  • Let's have our lawyers jump up and down with cleats on the vaccine business, not as if we might need it some day or anything: "Polio Victim's 30-Year Crusade Garners $22.5 Million Award" [NYLJ]
  • In road to GOP revival, lawsuit reform should fit in naturally as an issue [Denis Calabrese, Newsweek]



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