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Curbing the AG-trial lawyer alliance in Florida?

The WSJ praises a bill supported by Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum to limit the possibility of jackpot fees when private lawyers team up with the state AG's office, a practice in which his state had been among the worst offenders during the tobacco heist:

The Florida bill, which would cap attorneys fees at $50 million, would hardly consign lawyers to a life of penury. Outside counsel could receive contingency fees of 25% for the first $10 million, 20% of the next $5 million, 15% for the following $5 million and so on. We're guessing there are still attorneys willing to work at those rates. The bill would also require competitive bidding and make contracts transparent to voters by posting them on the Attorney General's Web site.

The bill faces ferocious opposition in Tallahassee, however, from a lobby that frequently gets its way there.

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