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Around the web, February 27

  • Voices of moderation, trial lawyer dept.: Atlanta tort attorney likens Georgia state damages caps to steps taken by Russia's Putin to curb trials of "crimes against state" [Ken Shigley]
  • Prosecution of W.R. Grace execs in wake of environmental offenses against populace of Libby, Mont. is being liveblogged in joint project by U. of Montana law, journalism schools [site via TortsProf]
  • "Study Finds Firms With Market Power Don't Impose One-Sided Terms on Consumers in Software License Agreements" [Consumer Law & Policy Blog, and all credit to them for highlighting research findings that will discomfit some of their co-thinkers]
  • EFCA/card check could have some of its biggest impact in "right-to-work" states [Carter @ ShopFloor]
  • Uh-oh: new push for more lawyer-driven voir dire, easier bouncing of juror prospects "for cause" http://is.gd/hs6p [Anne Reed, a ways back]
  • CPSIA vs. Irish step dance costume makers [Overlawyered]



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