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Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

Much of what you think you know about it is wrong, argues Stuart Taylor, Jr. at National Journal. Hans Bader is even more critical of the factual representations being made by many advocates of the law, while Jane Genova wonders whether it's okay to go back 27 years in remembering mistreatment.

As Carter noted the other day, the bill is retroactive, with an effective date of May 28, 2007 (play game first, change rules later!) And, after all, time limits on the right to file lawsuits couldn't really be part of the law's "purpose", could they?

Our coverage of the original Ledbetter suit, the Supreme Court decision in which it resulted, the ensuing controversy, and the newly enacted legislation can be found here.

More: Daniel Schwartz argues that symbolism aside, the new enactment will make less difference than either foes or friends generally seem to realize. George Lenard takes a comprehensive look at the new law. And Prof. Obbie at LawBeat has favorable words for the Stuart Taylor National Journal piece linked above.



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