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Med-mal: David Hyman joins Volokh Conspiracy

Discussion of medical malpractice law in the blog world is likely to heat up soon, what with University of Texas law professor David Hyman having joined the Volokh Conspiracy as a permanent contributor. One of the areas in which Prof. Hyman specializes is the study of medical malpractice litigation, and his interpretations of that area of litigation tend to differ widely from my own. (For example, I'd say he tends to think the legal system does a much better and more rational job of handling medical liability suits than I think it does.) His first post in a planned series on this subject is here, and lays out background on the issue of non-economic damage caps.

Prof. Hyman has never been other than friendly and gracious toward me in our interactions, so I look forward to the prospect of learning more about where we may agree or disagree.

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