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McGurn: Gitmo as "radical chic"

WSJ columnist Bill McGurn had better duck and run, after saying such disrespectful things about the pro bono cause to rule all causes in prestige legal practice these past few years, the defense of Guantanamo detainees:

Now, nothing against those who simply want to ensure those at Gitmo have access to a good lawyer. And if Seton Hall Law School wants to hold teach-ins featuring the poetry of these men -- one of whom murdered more than a dozen people in a suicide bombing in Mosul after his release -- well, that's the school's business. But with all these top-flight lawyers providing separate defenses for each detainee or detainee group, the good men and women at the Department of Justice might stand a little outside help. ... And it might even protect Barack Obama from the last thing he will want to do as president: setting jihadi terrorists free on American soil.

What? Pro bono work done on behalf of the government/prosecution side? Isn't that, like, illegal?

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