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Asbestos screening in Michigan

Reports a WSJ editorial:

...according to Michigan state records, over 15 years Dr. [Michael] Kelly has reported 7,323 cases of asbestos-related disease. Lawyers paid him $500 per person screened.

...In 88% of the 1,875 cases in which plaintiff X-rays were reviewed both by Dr. Kelly and hospital radiologists, the hospital readers found no evidence of disease. ...

...[Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Robert Colombo, Jr.] last week agreed to a hearing on Dr. Kelly. At which point something astonishing happened. Within 24-hours of the judge's decision, the plaintiffs attorneys voluntarily pulled all but one of the [80] suits.

With the decline of more celebrated asbestos venues such as Texas and Ohio, Michigan emerged last year as the number one state for new asbestos filings, reports the WSJ. More: Jane Genova calls the last-minute suit-yanking an example of "magic healing".

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