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Around the web, October 31

  • Ideologically charged new UC Irvine "public interest" law school will offer free tuition to first class of students [Above the Law]
  • Whodunit? Everyone [widow of power plant worker sues 192 companies in asbestos claim, MC Record; cf. cases with 92 defendants, 79, etc., etc.]
  • A different argument for pre-emption: if gov't has forced mfrs. to behave a certain way, it should share its sovereign immunity with them [Martin Kotler (Widener Law) via Beck & Herrmann]
  • Industry-sponsored research is less to be relied on than the other kind, right? Not necessarily [Tierney, NYT]
  • "Causation In Court: Working Principles For Toxic Tort Cases", by Antony Klapper of Reed Smith [WLF]
  • PoL contributor Michael Krauss, with George Mason co-author Jeremy Kidd, defends the collateral source rule [SSRN via TortsProf]



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