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Around the web, October 28

  • Ga-ga for gallows: more doings from those lawprofs and others promoting Nuremberg trials for Bushies [Ambrogi; earlier here, etc.]
  • That predicted explosion of ERISA fiduciary litigation over mismanagement of 401(k) plans hasn't happened [Secunda, Workplace Law Blog]
  • ABA president: we're neither a liberal group nor a conservative, we're a forum [ABA Journal]
  • Top Australian prosecutor says judges need to reclaim their courtrooms from long-winded lawyers [Melbourne Age]
  • "What did Alan Greenspan concede? From all the hullabaloo I thought he had granted the death of capitalism but no." [Cowen, MargRev]
  • "It is an open question as to whether CAFA is a bad law for lawyers who did not drink the 'anything that limits plaintiffs' rights in any way is a bad thing' Kool-Aid." [Miller, Maryland Personal Injury]



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