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Around the web, October 17

  • Recalling lead-paint protests: ACORN "would put together a few signs, a ragtag band of people, and stand outside one of [Sherwin-Williams'] retail stores" [Law and More]
  • Speculation begins on impact of Obama or McCain win on new Supreme Court appointments [Legal Times]
  • "The patient denies other complaints": costs of defensive medicine include patient write-ups that "have become more suited to legal defense than medical communication" [WSJ]
  • Lawyers on both sides of DuPont toxic tort case contributing to West Virginia high court candidates [WV Record]
  • Greve, Sharkey, others on AEI panel to discuss key business cases of new Supreme Court term [Mon. afternoon Oct. 27]
  • MI's Jim Copland quoted in piece on VP candidate Palin's record on legal reform [Legal NewsLine]



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