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Around the web, July 29

  • Jury returns defense verdict in asbestos case against duPont, but Jefferson County, Texas Judge Donald Floyd orders new trial after Reaud, Morgan & Quinn's Glen Morgan complains (inter alia) that coverage by U.S. Chamber-backed Southeast Texas Record tainted the trial [SETR, editorial, Caryl Richardson/Willis Whisnant, Jr. case]
  • Brouhaha over sweet pension deals for town lawyers in New York spreads from school districts to fire districts [Newsday]
  • Harvard lawprof Charles Ogletree, of reparations-lawsuit and plagiarism-flap fame, described (let's hope inaccurately) as "mentor" to Obama [NLJ]
  • As you may have suspected already, Richard Hofstadter's Social Darwinism in American Thought was really more of a political tract than a reliable rendering of intellectual history [Bernstein @ Volokh channeling Princeton's Tim Leonard]
  • Hanging 'em still on agenda? More on that Massachusetts School of Law conference on war crimes prosecutions of Bush officials [Legal Blog Watch, earlier here and here]
  • Medical school.... for judges [AMA's American Medical News]
  • Where are Chicago's law professors in the dispute over the proposed Milton Friedman Institute? Mostly on the sidelines, which of course is preferable to what some of their colleagues are doing [Wright, Truth on the Market]



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