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Show trials asked for energy execs

For propagating incorrect opinion -- a speechcrime rather than a thoughtcrime, if one may classify. Our coverage of the Kivalina global warming suit (which, to be sure, proceeds along more of a "speechtort w/punitive damages" than a "speechcrime" theory) is here.

More: Jonathan Adler @ Volokh has a direct link to Dr. James Hansen's call for "public trials" of CEOs for "high crimes against humanity and nature"; Eric Berger/Houston Chronicle.

Views critical of Hansen include Spectator Business, Glenn Reynolds, Outside the Beltway, Sweetness & Light, Mike the Actuary. Not so critical: Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Grist "Gristmill" (both skipping over the point), Oil Change International (enthusiastically supporting).



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