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National book tour: The non-believer says yes

On May 23rd, we posted on the coincidental release of two books from trial lawyers, one arguing against the existence of God, the other praising the Lord. We suggested a national debate tour, Bryan-Darrow II, on the road.

Comes now an e-mail from one of the authors mentioned:

Carter Wood mentioned my upcoming book Beyond Reasonable Doubt: A Lawyer's Case for Disbelief in God on a the Point of Law Forum entry, "Inherit the Wind, The Sequel", on May 23rd.

I could not find a way to post a comment on POL, but I wanted to give him and your readers a link to some excerpts.

Book page: www.xlibris.com/BeyondReasonableDoubt.html
Author page: www.xlibris.com/GeoffJ.Henley.html
In answer to Mr. Wood's question concerning a national debate tour, I certainly would entertain it.

Best of luck.
Truly yours,
Geoff J. Henley

OK, ball's in your court, Mr. Merkle.



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