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Around the web, June 6

  • Yes, the car crash may have been shown fake, but that doesn't mean insurer is entitled to summary judgment [Ted at OL on New York case]
  • "Green Our Vaccines" is a new slogan promoting some bad old ideas [Orac, more, more, etc.]
  • Among several reasons doctors are so slow to adopt email, one is you-know-what [MedRants]
  • After furor in NY press over lawyers' snagging rich state pensions based on part-time work for school districts, class action filed -- against those lawyers? -- no, on their behalf [Newsday]
  • Use of miniature Dutch Boy figurines as promotions among many advertising and trade-association practices assailed by plaintiffs in Rhode Island lead paint case [Genova]
  • Blumenthal declares victory in settlement with Infectious Disease Society of America over Lyme treatment guidelines; apparently it's no conflict of interest when the Connecticut AG does the bidding of "chronic Lyme" camp [Courant, Journal News, earlier]
  • John Stossel on why we need loser-pays [syndicated]



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