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Around the web, June 3

  • Don't miss Roger Parloff's article on William Simon, whistleblower extraordinaire of the academic ethics-opinion-for-hire industry [Fortune; earlier]
  • Here come the bisphenol-in-baby-bottles class actions [WaPo; Poked and Prodded]
  • Legal assistant in Kentucky fen-phen trial says her boss told her to destroy documents, and other dramatic testimony [Ted at OL, ABA Journal]
  • George Mason lawprof (and friend of this site) David Bernstein calls for extending Daubert principles further into realm of criminal forensics, while making them slightly less stringent on the civil toxic-tort side [Volokh Conspiracy]
  • Asbestos action in Japan on behalf of 178 construction workers and others demands $6.6 billion yen ($64 million) from government and building materials firms [Mainichi Daily News]
  • Clean energy innovators like others in tech sector are cowed by IPO suits [Nick d'Arbeloff, Boston Globe]



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