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Strickland's Choice for Ohio AG, the Opposite of Marc Dann

In finding a temporary replacement for the disgraced and resigned attorney general, Marc Dann, seems like Gov. Ted Strickland decided to identify the anti-Dann. In his statement, Gov. Strickland described Ohio State law dean Nancy Rogers as "a woman of great integrity, accomplishment, intellect, humility, dignity, experience and maturity."

From the Ohio AP:

Newly appointed Ohio Attorney General Nancy Hardin Rogers is no wimp.

But her style couldn't be more different than that of her predecessor Marc Dann, the firebrand, press-seeking politician who succeeded by his political passions and failed by his personal ones.

By all accounts, Rogers, 59, is even-tempered, soft-spoken and deliberative. She rarely raises her voice. She doesn't swear.

One infers that Marc Dann did swear.

And here's an historical note. Wow.

Rogers and her husband, attorney Douglas Rogers, met at Richard Nixon's first inaugural in 1969 _ she, the daughter of Secretary of Agriculture Clifford Hardin, and he, the son of Secretary of State and former U.S. Attorney General William Rogers. The two were married in 1970, and have three daughters.

Rogers, who identifies herself as a Democrat, will serve about six months. Voters will choose the replacement to fill Dann's remaining term at the November general election.

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