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Around the Web, May 3

  • House Republican Leader John Boehner and Ranking Judiciary Member Lamar Smith (R-TX) have written a letter to House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers asking for congressional hearings into crimes and corruption of Milberg Weiss and the trial bar. They asked for hearings by May 19th, the date Mel Weiss is to report to prison. Advocates like the the American Tort Reform Association and The Examiner newspaper have called for hearings, as well. Shopfloor.org has a post on the letter, including a copy of the letter here.
  • In other Milberg Weiss news, from Law.com: "John B. Torkelsen, a former expert witness in hundreds of shareholder derivative and class action cases for Milberg Weiss, pleaded guilty on Thursday to perjury charges." Also, from Reuters: "Indicted U.S. law firm Milberg LLP is in settlement talks with federal prosecutors to resolve a long-running criminal case involving accusations it paid illegal kickbacks to clients, sources close to the talks said on Tuesday."
  • Former D.C. Administrative Judge Roy Pearson sues to get his city job back. And he wants damages, just not $54 million. Pearson was not reappointed to the post after his suit against his drycleaners elicited international scorn.
  • A commuter rail project in Central Florida has gone off the tracks in the Legislature, with liability one of main obstacles. From the Daytona Beach News-Journal: "The Department of Transportation and Jacksonville-based CSX Transportation reached an agreement in 2007 for the state to buy the tracks from CSX, which would then lease them part time for freight. But the agreement requires legislative approval of legal liability provisions that provoked opposition from many senators and trial lawyers. One provision would have extended state sovereign immunity to private contractors hired by the state for key rail functions. Another would have shielded CSX for most liability from mishaps on the line.
  • For future use in direct mail and Internet solicitations. From The Advocate, Baton Rouge: "The controversial Roe v. Wade abortion-rights ruling will be overturned if John McCain is elected president, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin told a Baton Rouge audience Friday...'It's gone,' Toobin, also a legal affairs staff writer at The New Yorker, said after giving a speech about the U.S. Supreme Court at LSU's Paul M. Hebert Law Center. 'Maybe not during his first year or second year, but it will be overturned...'"
  • From the Dallas Morning News: "AUSTIN - The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday in favor of Houston homebuilder Bob Perry, the state's most prolific campaign contributor, in a case homeowner advocates say reflects the influence of big money over elected judges." Indeed, there is an appearance of an appearance of an appearance of a news story.

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