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Around the web, April 21

  • Harassment and cover-up charges engulf office of Ohio AG Marc Dann [Overlawyered]
  • Cue laugh track: Pamela Gilbert predicts fewer product liability suits if Senate CPSC bill passes [Mark Hofmann/Financial Week]
  • Judges who hire clerks from Yale see their decisions reversed more often -- but which way (if either) does the causation run? [Volokh thread]
  • Campaign against medical errors leads to curtailment of hospital reimbursement for "never events" -- but are patient falls, delirium, hypoglycemia truly avoidable? [Happy Hospitalist, Overlawyered, Mello et al/Commonwealth Fund via MPT]
  • Ford Explorer loss-of-value coupon deal: "As an attorney that does a fair amount of class action work, I think this is a poor settlement." [Perlmutter/Schuelke; KickingTires/Cars.com, CalLaw "Legal Pad"]
  • Defendants pleading guilty in Milberg Weiss scandal have agreed to cough up $32 million, a long way short of the $251 million prosecutors say was gained by the scheme [NLJ]
  • Obama-Ayers controversy brings press attention for non-repentant-sounding retired terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, whose project at prestigious Northwestern Law reaps mucho foundation grants [Chapman]



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