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Around the web, March 17

  • A pro-business Supreme Court? Jeff Rosen's article quotes Ted ("Frank's prediction was soon vindicated"), draws reaction from Gordon Smith and Larry Ribstein [NYTM] Plus: Volokhii as well; earlier from Hans Bader here and here.
  • Contributor Jim Copland on the Supreme Court's pre-emption cases [Washington Post]
  • Eager listeners hang on words of junior Illinois senator as if hearing them for the first time [Ferguson/Weekly Standard]
  • Lenders nervously eye class action against Chevy Chase Bank as potential floodgate-opener [Washington Post]
  • Most lawyers portrayed on television "have some redeeming trait" [The Recorder on ABA panel discussion]
  • Reaud, Morgan & Quinn partner: duPont's "conduct [on asbestos] was so bad that its right to exist should be taken away," [SE Texas Record]
  • Anne Reed visits Japan, where a quasi-jury (or lay-judge) system is being introduced for serious criminal cases [Deliberations, and again]



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